Treating Smoke Damage

When your home is scorched and licked with flames, it can lead to unrecoverable damage. But when the fire is properly treated and prepared for, it is possible to save those that have been touched by the fire. There are several steps to take when you are treating smoke damage in your home, which is often harder to treat than when something has been burned and needs to be naturally restored. With less damage comes more steps and here at Projekt Restoration we are here to treat it.

What to do with Smoke Damage?Smoke Damage

Be Cleared for Re-entry – First thing you need to do is make sure the local fire Marshall has deemed the location worthy of re-entry. You don’t want to be entering a home that has received structural damage on account of the fire eroding the wood. Having the Marshall declare it safe is a vital first step.

Protect your belongings – First; you need to make sure that whatever damage has occurred needs to be treated correctly! If the area is wet, it needs to be properly cleaned and dried. Clothes need to be deodorized, before washing, which is often done with baking soda or other similar desalinators. But when it comes to objects being treated you need to watch and clarify if something is smoked or covered in soot.

The Difference Between Soot and Smoke

Smoke Damage

Smoke – Smoke is the fumes that rise from fires. In their particular state, they can soak the wood in their smoke and change the smell of the wood. The wood takes in air and other small particles like that so smoke is now being breathed into the wood, and it changes the smell and sometimes the appearance.

Soot – Soot is fine powders that usually are the result of incompletely burned objects. When you have finished cooking with charcoal, there is always a fine powder left over, and that is soot.

The main difference is the size of the particles and how they interact with washing. Soot, being larger can be more quickly absorbed by water and can be scrubbed out through osmolarity. Smoke, however, will sometimes be worsened by the addition of water, which also is absorbed by the wood and can further seal in the smokey smell.

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