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Hollywood Mold RemovalLove it or hate it, Mold is serious business. Especially when you’re in a state as moist and humid as Florida. It’s not something you can ignore, and it’s certainly not going to wait for you to start growing. Mold is sometimes called the silent killer because you don’t know that it’s even there. The best way to treat it is to call your Projekt Restoration in Hollywood. Mold removal is our strong suit, and we are adamant about providing the best services for our customers. But sometimes, people don’t know whether or not the spot on the corner of the wall is serious or not.

There is a super easy trick to remembering mold and mildew. First, if you can see it, it’s probably mildew. Mildew is not afraid of being in the light, while mold thrives in the darkness, so if it’s easy to spot it’s probably not bad and can be wiped away. Mold has a lot of physical characteristics. While mildew can often be discredited as being a puff of dust. Mold will stick to the wood, develop fur and discolored spots. Which are all terrible on your body if ingested. We cover it more in depth here.

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Fire Restoration – Unfortunately house fires are terrifying, and a lot of damage is thrown around during those moments. Luckily, Projekt Restoration provides fire restoration services which can cut your money spent in half. Instead of buying a new object, see if we can restore it for you, which often, is true.

Dehumidification – The best way to prevent mold from ever returning to your house is to have a dehumidification service. We can completely rid your area of excess moisture which is the breeding ground for mold. By removing this and creating a more arid environment we can stop the mold before it’s begun.

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