Dehumidification Services


Having excessive water in an area or moisture in the air will slowly erode the integrity of your room and ventilation systems. The moisture in the air can cling to the walls and remove paint and seep it’s way through causing porous damage to your walls. The wetness can fulminate in the vents which increase mold production. The best way to remove all of these threats is to hire out for a dehumidification service provided by Projekt Restoration.

Projekt Restoration is a leading company in the restoration business and has been servicing South Florida for several years. Besides offering restorative measures in the event of an emergency, we also offer preventative measures such as our dehumidification process so that you never need our more advanced services. We provide the following dehumidification processes.

Decontamination – The most notable problem with excess water is that it acts as a petri dish for microbes and bacteria. The first step we always commit to is decontaminating an area. This process creates a safer environment that prevents the growth of molds and also ensures that the air is safe to breathe

Extraction – Next we use our moisture pumps which dehumidify the air and escort the water out of the area. This approach will reduce the moisture from spreading any further and will help preemptively dry the area.

Drying – After we have absorbed all of the moisture in the area, it is time to dry the area actively. We will make sure that no moisture is being retained in the wood or on the walls and then we will proceed to dry it out more using heat lighting and other special services.

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