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Miami Beach is prone to environmental detriment and damage regularly. If you are looking for the best Miami Beach Restoration company in South Florida, you’ve found it in Projekt Restoration. We offer all kinds of restoration from fire to water. With each of our technicians being expertly trained and having years of experience in the field, you know you are dealing with the very best.

Our Services

Miami Beach RestorationInspection – The first step of any restoration process here is inspection. You want to have as close to a structural impact study as possible. We will check all of the damaged material and take samples to see if there is any damage further into the root of the structure. Once we have assessed the damage, we will begin formulating a plan for restructuring and restoration.

Consultation – Once we have all of our information we will of course sit down with you. We will fully explain our process and why we are choosing to do the certain changes. Sometimes it might just be easier and more cost efficient to replace the materials outright in which we will gladly do that for you, but we present you all of your options.

Restoration – In the case of fire damage, it’s a matter of getting rid of the smokey smell and visible damage with selective flushing. This flushing and drying keep the strong material while also ridding the materials of the smell. For water damage, it’s a matter of removing destroyed material and preserving damaged material by using dehumidifiers.

Projekt Restoration

No matter what you need, we got you. If you need any restoration or mold removal service, you’re already on the website of the best. IF you would like to know more about our products or services, feel free to give us a call today at 1-855-933-7935

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