Hollywood Water DamageHollywood Water Damage

Living in beautiful and sunny Hollywood, Florida can seem like the perfect dream. But the truth is that there are a lot of floods and setbacks due to water damage. The best thing you can do when you come across Hollywood Water Damage is to call Projekt Restoration. We provide the best services in Hollywood and are always looking to prove it!

What to do if you find Water Damage

First, as soon as you see water damage, don’t hesitate. Respond immediately. Locate the source of the leak and stop it, if you can’t stop it, contact a plumber who can.

Second, if you have successfully stopped the leak, call us at Projekt Restoration, we are experts at water damage restoration and can save you loads of money off of replacing the affected materials.

Hollywood Water DamageThird, while waiting for us, do as much as you can to stop the spread and mark the area. Pile on towels and get them in the wash, dry as much as you can to clear the area. Then when you think you’ve got it all, take chalk or a pen/pencil or a market and mark where you think the affected area is and then stay back for safety’s sake.

The Restoration Process

The restoration process is time consuming but thorough. Once we find the affected area (hopefully with the help of markers,) we can determine the affected area. Once we find the area we assess the amount of water damage and determine whether or not it can be feasibly repaired (more often, it can be.) From there we begin our water restoration process which involves sanitizing the structure, drying it out, and thoroughly sifting the water out of the baseboards, you can read more on the process Here.

Projekt Restoration

Projekt Restoration has been the go-to restoration company in South Florida for several years. We are constantly putting our best foot forwards and making sure the clients are as happy as possible. If you would like to know more about our services or our company, please be sure to give us a call at  (855) 933-7935

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