Mold Assessment Services

Mold Assessment

Surprisingly enough, Mold is a part of a natural and healthy ecosystem. Mold is present inside every building and when moisture remains in a structure for even a short period of time, elevated mold growth may develop. Mold Assessment is the first step towards living in a healthy and clean environment free of mold

Many homeowners rush into immediate mold remediation measures without having prior mold assessment. This usually works on short term basis and eventually leads to cyclical occurrence of mold growth, posing serious health problems. Projekt Restoration, a Florida State licensed Mold Assessor (MRSA2126), has highly qualified mold assessors that will diagnose the problem and put together a detailed protocol to ensure that you use the correct remedial measures.

Importance of Mold Assessment

The ultimate goal is to completely rid your property off mold infestation but this will not take effect if you use the wrong remediation measure. This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to get mold assessment services before hiring a mold remediation team. Other reasons for mold assessment include:

  • Determining the cause, type of mold whether toxic or non-toxic so as to determine the proper remedial measure.
  • Fungus tends to thrive in any place conducive in terms of the availability of organic matter and right temperature, and some places might not be directly visible but with complete Mold assessment, every area infested with mold will be determined then the extent of mold infestation will be documented.
  • Mold assessment also enables one determine the estimated cost of remediation and structural damage incurred on your house property.

Mold Inspection ProcedureMold Assessment

Projekt Restoration has the most advanced equipment to carry out mold assessment in every corner of your property and to accurately determine the cause, extent, type and proper remedial measure. The processes involved in mold assessment include:

  • Usage of Infrared Camera

This is an advanced tool that is mainly used to efficiently in detecting water leaks in places like ceilings, behind walls and in other places where accessibility is minimal. This eventually determines the areas where mold is likely to thrive thus enabling earlier preventive measures or proper ways for repair.

  • Boroscope Use

This is a mold assessment equipment with high resolution that enables our mold assessment experts spot mold even in the most hidden and non-visual areas.

  • Moisture Meter

One of the major causes of mold growth is high level of moisture. It’s important to determine the moisture level of your house so that you can avert fungi growth for good.

After the process is done and as per the results, you get a certificate to guarantee that the mold in your house is not hazardous. If the results portray presence of mold, then Projekt Restoration representative will help you by giving you the necessary help and advice in order to get the problem solved permanently.

Use of Accredited Laboratories

All samples are analyzed by ProLab; all of our clients will be provided with results and a report within 24 to 48 hours after inspections are completed.

Choose Projekt Restoration for Mold Assessment

If you experience water damage or if you feel sick and concerned about your indoor air quality, contact us now to schedule a mold assessment. Our team will be at your service until the problem is solved and you are well settled in.

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