Miami Water Damage

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Water Damage Proceedings

Miami Water Damage
– The first step we take is to remove as much standing water as possible. Not only is it vital for drying the area, but we need to do it as a safety precaution because standing water becomes brackish water and that is a major health risk.

Dehumidify – The next step we take is to dehumidify the area as much as possible. This involves industrial dehumidifiers being left for an extended amount of time until the remaining moisture has been drawn up.

Restoration Proceedings

Isolate – We need to take the affected area and isolate it as best as possible. This might include excision or merely sandbagging the area depending on how far the water damage has spread.

Treat – The next step we take is by using the dehumidifiers again to see if we can restore the are to its previous state. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on size and our speed.

Repair – IF all else fails, what we will do is use our carpentry to replicate the area as much as possible and repair it through installing and creating new pieces such as floors or banisters.

Miami Beach Water DamageProjekt Restoration

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