Miami Gardens Water DamageMiami Gardens is a great place to stay. You get to be close to the beach, and the lifestyle that comes with it. However, at the same time, you are also subjecting your location to water damage. South Florida weather stops for no person, and when your home or business is in the way, it will get wet, it will take on water.

When these moments happen, it is important to remain calm. Make sure to give us a call as soon as possible so you can get some proper help. Try and cover up as much as you can, try and stop it, but more importantly just be safe. Give us a call, and we will help immediately.

What to Do

You must Respond Quickly
The goal of the Water Damage Restoration process is to mitigate further damage. Therefore, it is important to respond quickly and dry the structure properly immediately after the damage occurs. Other reasons for Water Damage Restoration include:

  • Identifying all affected materials and mapping the accurate perimeter of the affected areas
    • Categorizing the level of contamination present in the water source
    • Determining replacement cost vs. restoration cost


Projekt Restoration first assesses the damaged areas using thermal imaging and moisture meter to locate the leak and measure the area affected. Immediately after, we extract the water, dry the structure and sanitize the affected areas. We then monitor the drying process daily and remove the equipment as soon as it’s dry.
You can read more on our Water Damage Restoration process Here.


With Projekt Restoration, we are constantly working to make every client happy and relieved. When people are looking at the price of replacement they can be staggering and stack up quickly. But with Projekt Restoration, you can save so much money. If you would like to learn more about our company or the services we provide, please feel free to call us!

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