There are two types of Restoration Consulting we provide. These are both equally important for South Florida with the weather and humidity being so drastic. We offer pre-construction and post-construction restoration consulting. We offer our consulting services to construction companies that may not have a restoration division for preventative measures and proper sealing. We also offer post constructions restoration to people who are acquiring buildings or need help when purchasing a new home.

Restoration Consulting Services

Projekt Restoration provides the best, most honest restoration consulting in South Florida. This offer has been part of our services since day one. We pride ourselves on being able to provide people with honest and constructive help for moving forward with their homes. Our restoration consulting includes the following.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

The most important tool in any restoration company is the IR technology. It allows us to see most problems before they can occur. We can detect heat loss from inferior sealants or rifts in the construction. We are also able to detect leaking pipes and moisture accumulation which can help in the prevention of mold formation.


We provide our dehumidification services on request. The dehumidification process removes lingering moisture and dries the area. This prevents further water damage from one initial source.

Mold Inspection

We also provide mold inspection. Mold is a naturally occurring aspect of life all around the globe. As long as there are moisture and water, there will be elements of mold. It is inescapable, but it is manageable. We will be able to tell if the mold in your home is safe or not and what to do to prevent expansion.

Content Cleaning

If you have any content in your home that is at risk of damage or harboring harmful chemicals/molecules, we will clean and restore them for you. This will prevent the spread of water damage, mold, or biochemical that may be present.

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