Plantation Water DamagePlantation Water Damage

If you have received water damage in your home in Plantation, then you might want to call us before you make any decisions. Often, people will think that once it has received water damage that you will need a new one. This isn’t necessarily true. With Projekt Restoration, we have helped countless people with their Plantation water damage. Not only have we saved countless priceless objects, but we have also saved each client hundreds if not thousands of dollars in replacement charges.

Our Water Damage Process

Assessment – The first thing we are going to do when we arrive at your location is to find out what the extent of the damage is. Usually this means consulting with the owner and possibly calling up whoever might have worked on the water damage restoration. We will map out what areas are visibly affected and areas we believe to be affected based on the damage shown.

Consultation – From this point, we will begin consultation with the owner. We will go over pricing to compare between repair and replacement. At this point, we will jointly go over the best plan of action and begin work.

Segmentation – The biggest thing we will be working on is removing materials that cannot be fixed. Instead of completely replacing an object, we can repair parts of it to restore it to it’s most functional and original form.

Repair – From this point on we simply combine these elements to create a functional recreation of the original model. This will ensure that the furniture, construction, etc, will be restored and operational.

Follow Up – We will schedule a follow-up to ensure that the materials are still operational without wear-and-tear or degradation.

Projekt Restoration

With Projekt Restoration, we are constantly working to make every client happy and relieved. When people are looking at the price of replacement they can be staggering and stack up quickly. But with Projekt Restoration, you can save so much money. If you would like to learn more about our company or the services we provide, please feel free to call us!

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