At Home Water Damage Assessment

When your house undergoes water damage, it is a terrible task to control. Luckily Projekt Restoration offers the best water restoration services in South Florida. But we always need a little bit of help to prepare properly for your home. Because of that, we have created a nifty Water Damage Assessment guide for any buyer.

Water Damage AssessmentWater Damage

Water Source: The first step that needs to occur is to determine where the source of water is coming from. If there is a leak or a loose pipe, it needs to be resolved before restoration can occur. If you need help identifying the water source or repairing it, you should contact Dave 21, a plumbing company in South Florida that works with us.

Types of Water: There are three types of water, and the three types imply the sediments that are present and could potentially damage.
• White Water – Clearwater, which would not contain pollutants, such as fresh water from plumbing.
• Gray Water – Most often rain water, this would mean that the water is coming from the outside or is run off from what nature is producing.
• Black Water – This is the worst kind of water and usually comes with biohazard treatment. This water would be sewage backup or something worse. This is heavy pollutants and a stronger class of cleanup.

Water Damage AssessmentVisible Square Footage: Identify and determine how many square feet of the property has been damaged. If you want to be precautious, add a foot in every direction because what may be visible may also have undercurrents of damage beneath your sight.

Furniture Involved: An important addition is the management of furniture. Make sure furniture is not in the way of damage and if it lists it as well. We might be able to fix and refurbish furniture so it wouldn’t require replacement, just repair.

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