The Different Types of Water Damage

Different Types of Water Damage?

Many of our clients don’t know this, but different types of water damage can affect a household. Mostly they have to do with how the water affected the surrounding areas and often time they have to deal with the type of water that we are dealing with. To help better explain our services, we are going to cover both of these subjects in this blog.

sewer water damageStructural – Structural damage is your basic water damage. This is water that has degraded walls, floors, and furniture. Besides the water itself and the debris from the degrading materials, the water is relatively safe to walk in.

Biohazard – Biohazard damage comes from the type of water. This is usually a mixture of either brackish or sewer water. This happens whenever an outline gets backed up or bursts and causes damage below ground.

Electrical – Electrical damage is the trickiest to work with. When working we have to ensure the houses power is completely out for safety then we need to determine the extent of the electrical damage and how to repair the lines.

The Different Types of Water

Seawater – Water from the ocean. Beachside properties can have seawater problems if lines become backed up or if there happens to be extensive water damage from a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Fresh Water – Fresh water is the most common liquid we have to deal with. Between the in-lines bursting and being brought in, this is usually the water we deal with.

brackish water Brackish Water – Brackish water is tricky to manage. It’s not bad enough to warrant a biohazard declaration, but it is still dirty water. This is usually rain water coming down from a busted roof or even prolonged water damage that hasn’t been dealt with or noticed.

Sewage – This is the worst parts of our job. This is a default biohazard contamination, and often the materials affected have to be properly disposed of without repair.

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