Difference between Mold and Mildew

When you’re in the mold restoration business, you come across a lot of fungus and fungi, and so it’s easier for us to spot the difference. But one of the most common requests we receive is to help with mildew removal when it is clearly a mold infestation. So what is the difference between mold and mildew? For those of you non-readers out there, the answer is simple, if you can see it easily, it’s mildew.

Mold and MildewMold and Mildew

Mildew – Firstly, Mildew is a ‘surface fungi.’ Which means that it will grow outward to catch a lot of air. Because of that, it will have a large surface area that is easy to see, and it will have a ‘livelier’ color palette than mold.

Mold – Mold will not want to find the air and sunshine. Mold will want to stay in the dark where it can stay wet and dark and fester into a toxic waste. Mold be found on food and will sink it’s way into things. Mold can form itself through a solid block of wood if it’s damp enough.

Mold and Mildew The Difference – Mildew you can do yourself. Mold means you need to call us immediately. Mildew can be taken away with a scrubbing brush and a regular non-toxic surface cleaner. If you want to nuke it, grab yourself some bleach, but mildew is much more treatable than mold.

Mold, however, is the problem. Not only is mildew easier to get rid of, but it’s also easier to spot. Often you won’t notice the problem with mold until you have symptoms which are where the real danger lies.

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