Checking Black Mold in Your House

Black mold is the most dangerous mold that can happen in a household. It is incredibly common but easily spotted once you know how to look. Projekt Restoration is the number one mold inspection and mold removal service in South Florida and with our help, we can find what could be damaging your health in your home.

Signs Of Black MoldMold and Mildew

Do you have symptoms of Black Mold? – These are a few common symptoms:

• Respiratory problems
• Skin inflammation
• Hemorrhage
• Irritation of the mucous membranes
• Damage to internal organs
• Mental impairment
• Tiredness
• Nausea
• Immune system suppression
Black MoldWhat does it Look Like? – The appearance is green and gelatinous. The mold is slimy with a wet layer on top. If water is not present, it could be dry and powdered. If there is anything that resembles black mold in the home, it is important that you call us to inspect and verify, then immediately order a service for removal if proven.

Where does it Hide? – Black mold can grow and form in any place that is wet and warm for a very long time; Which doesn’t help much because that describes Florida year round. But the most common places in houses that grow black molds are where they are out of sight and out of mind. It is common for a leak to happen in a vent or a back part of a closet. If there’s any water damage, it’s possible black mold to grow. Though black mold requires up to two weeks to fully culminate, the odds are that you don’t have black mold if it’s just been a damp puddle for a few days.

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