5 Places that Mold Can hide in your Home!

Mold is Everywhere

When living in South Florida, it’s easy to see how mold can grow. There’s always a high humidity and fluctuations in heat that make it easy to spore and grow. While it’s easy to check the vents and walls and near your sink, but there are a few places that mold can hide in your home!

Mold can Grow

find and remove moldUnder Wallpaper – IF you have recently put up wallpaper in your home, it is possible for moisture to become trapped behind it. This moisture, combined with glue and heat, can create a subtle petri dish for mold!

Washing Machines – Washing machines have a compartment in the front where they are exposed to moisture but don’t regularly interact with them. IF you have a glass, front-loading washing machine, you could be growing mold and not even know it.

Window Seals – In between the metal lips of the window and the rack that slots it from the outside world is a rubber seal to capture moisture. This trapped moisture is one of the most overlooked places in a home that won’t be getting cleaned; this creates mold.

mold Air Conditioner – Besides the vents themselves, it’s easy for your main air conditioning unit and dehumidifiers (if you have them) to capture moisture and become infected with mold.

Towel Hangers – Finally, towel hangers regularly interact with hot, moist, areas and are covered by your towel most times of the day. Countless people have reported mold on their towel hangers, and you could be harboring the fungus right now.

Mold Can be Beaten!

While mold is a major problem for many people in South Florida, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to defeat. Mold requires conviction and dedication if you want to get rid of it. By educating yourself on the nature of mold and how it can grow, you can prevent and remove mold with ease!

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